“United Real Estate’s model was designed to correct the problem with traditional real estate.”


“For more than ten years, Chris and I managed a respected local company of 70 agents serving the Indianapolis area market. We were Indy’s premier 100% commission brokerage, but growing that company presented challenges. We certainly didn’t have the tools and services that agents have grown to expect from their brokerage.

Luckily, we found the perfect partnership with United Real Estate. It was clear from the outset that United Real Estate provided our agents with technology, training, and marketing second to none. What we didn’t realize when we partnered was the tremendous support platform United gives us as brokers, owners, and agents. In fact, I would describe it as a culture of care and support that permeates from the very top, through management, agents in the field, and ultimately to the consumer. The support is so good it makes you want to “pay it forward”!

Ultimately, the real estate business is not about technology, training, or marketing. It’s a service industry. It’s about giving managing brokers, agents, and the consumer the best service possible. To me, this is what they mean when they talk about United Real Estate being “THE MODEL OF THE FUTURE.”


“I have been a real estate broker since 2005. I was running my own small brokerage with five agents and I found it extremely difficult to grow because I could not compete with the large brokerages that dominated my market.

We did not have the technology, the education or the processes that we needed in order to grow in agent count. I interviewed several other “big brokers” but when I saw their list of monthly fees that my agents would have to pay, I just could not get onboard. Then we heard about United Real Estate and their 100% Freedom Model that provided technology and world-class training while still paying agents 100% of their commission.

Right away I knew I needed to join United Real Estate. I now have the support staff of the home office that my agents and I can call when we have questions that I never had before. I was taught how to systematize my recruiting efforts and we grew from 5 to 50 agents in our first year.

The rapid growth has only been possible thanks to being a part of something much larger than myself. The “business in a box” that United Real Estate offers truly allowed me to be the fastest growing company in Kansas City and a business that I am so proud to be a part of. We are changing real estate and giving the incumbent brokers something to compete with.”


“I have always believed the use of technology is the key to providing families that serve our community the ultimate gift of time. We can decide when, where and how we work and do business.  With this freedom, we can all pursue our happiness for decades to come. It is a very liberating agent-centric concept and the key to prosperity and success for everyone. The time has come for all real estate professionals to embrace the “Freedom Model”.

As a long-time real estate developer, Realtor and business owner, I am ecstatic be a part of United Real Estate’s franchise network. It is refreshing to have a company so committed to growth at every level while still adhering to its core values. I have no doubt that United’s “Freedom Model” will spread rapidly through the United States and beyond. In our own market in Los Angeles, we can already see the positive impact of this new real estate model with our own agents achieving great success. With our 90-year old history, superior technology and expansive network, United Real Estate provides the best of all worlds.”


“As an independent broker, I struggled to find the technology I needed.  It was always piecemeal, and always an expensive struggle.  United’s technology suite changed all of that.  Now I’m finally providing my agents with an integrated system that incorporates the best agent-website and portaling tools I’ve ever used, together with a world class CRM.  The ease of use and national support have made our adoption rate near 100%.  And I can tell you, that’s a rare and wonderful thing.”

“United’s paperless transaction system is great for me, reducing my review and compliance time to allow me to focus on building my business.  And my agents love it too.”

“Technology is an ever-moving target.  As an independent, I had virtually no chance of keeping up.  Now that I’m a United franchise, I no longer worry about the technology solutions I can offer my agents.  Dave Dickey and his team are committed to developing innovative tools that we’ve been able to integrate easily into our office. ”

“In a former life I developed some of the first CRM systems in a different vertical market.  Believe me when I tell you, I’m a CRM snob, definitely hard to please.  United’s Peak Performance CRM is fully featured, and has several innovations that I thought I would never find.  Maybe best of all is that I’ve been able to partner with United to train my agents.  So it’s not just about saying we have a CRM…it’s about actually having agents who are using the CRM on a daily basis to improve their business.”


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