A Winning Model for Continued Growth

by Michael Catarevas, RISMedia | Published July 2023 Real Estate Magazine

Rob Hill
Director of Business Development
Shelby Austin
Managing Broker/Director of Broker Services
Platinum Realty
Kansas City, Missouri


Region served: Kansas City, St. Louis, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Des Moines and Wichita
Years in real estate: Rob; 30 Shelby; 33
Number of offices: 12
Number of agents: 2,300

You recently became the No. 1 market share leader in Kansas City. What made this milestone possible?

Rob Hill: Our model and fee structure are attracting more producing agents than ever before, and our systems, tools, support and training provide great reasons for agents to stay with Platinum Realty for the long term. Our retention is the highest in the industry for a brokerage our size. And United has helped get agents who are looking for CRMs and the best technology. Our success centers around our model, the integration of the tools that United provides, along with the low cost for agents from a brokerage standpoint.

Shelby Austin: Agents are working harder, and they need to have a company that supports them in the right areas but doesn’t charge an arm and a leg.


What do you believe have been the hallmarks of your success that make you unique among your competitors?

RH: We bring low cost and high value together, which is refreshing for today’s agents who have been saddled with commission splits and fees for all the things they need a brokerage to be and provide for them.

Your growth in the Midwest to 2,300 agents in seven markets has been remarkable. How are you so efficient and effective in supporting agents? 

SA: In order for us to be affordable and still provide quality service, we have to be very efficient. Rather than throwing out a basket full of tools that nobody uses, we have to be very precise about which services agents want and need. They must be valuable to our agents and relevant to their success. That’s a big part of how we’ve become so efficient. We don’t layer on the fat that nobody has any use for or desire to use.

RH: Our leadership team and staff understand that it’s our agents and their hard work that have provided Platinum Realty with the opportunity to grow and prosper. It’s our job to be sure our agents are rewarded with the support they need and expect.

Despite the market readjustment, why do you think Platinum Realty continues to expand net agent count and grow?

SA: With the way the market is, it opens even more opportunity for us as it creates an environment in which agents are seeking better solutions. Many agents are very much in pain right now, and they’re looking for a softer landing spot that truly fits their plans. Sometimes we don’t analyze where we are until things get tough, and that’s exactly what agents are doing now. Hand-in-hand with us being sturdy (we’ve been around for a while), we’re consistent with what we do. Agents feel comfortable with us.

RH: Our model attracts agents at every sales level. Agents are beginning to see brokerage splits as an elective expense they no longer choose to incur. When agents measure our value proposition, transaction fee structure and low cap against their current costs, it’s a pretty easy decision for most.

How does United enhance your value proposition to your agents and recruits?

RH: United Real Estate has greatly enhanced our value proposition through technology, marketing resources and training. Along with the standing and growth of United in our industry, we have become an even stronger brokerage for our agents as well as those looking for an alternative to the older, expensive models.

Our recruiting and retention rate has always been high. But since the merger with United, we’ve become a much stronger company through our value proposition and the new offerings we’re able to provide through United. Even though we’re a Midwest company, on a national level, we’re part of a very powerful, strong and growing real estate company. It’s been a great relationship, and we’re much stronger with our value proposition and agents seeing the strength of the company.


SA: An example of new services and opportunities, we now have a national conference for agents, which is phenomenal. It’s a great way for them to network with agents from around the nation, receive training and professional development and learn about new tools and resources available through United. United produces the conference from A to Z; it’s another layer of service and support.

For more information, please visit https://www.GrowWithUnited.com. 

Platinum Realty and United Kansas City’s leadership have extreme mastery of efficient brokerage management. This enables the transfer of millions of dollars back to our agents, which continues to provide the rocket fuel for our growth in the Midwest.

– Rick Haase, President, United Real Estate

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