United for Strength and Growth

by Michael Catarevas, RISMedia | Published December 2023 Real Estate Magazine

Danny Sullivan

Tim Knox
Leading Edge Real Estate Group, Huntsville, Alabama
Regions served: North Alabama and Southern Tennessee
Years in real estate: Danny: 17; Tim: 5
Number of offices: 7
Number of agents: 290

What were the main drivers of your merger with Revolved Realty?

Danny Sullivan: Our plan from the beginning was to grow Leading Edge Real Estate, and we were looking for talented people to help us do that. Tim and Chelsea (Tim’s daughter, Chelsea McKinney, co-founder of Revolved Realty) were doing a really good job, and our models were very similar. I knew Tim prior to his career in real estate, and he also had an entrepreneurial spirit like me. The merger added nearly 100 agents to Leading Edge, and Tim brought leadership and expertise in social media.

Tim Knox: For me and Chelsea, it was the opportunity to grow beyond our current means, and to provide more for our agents: more support, technology, training and business opportunities. I had known Danny for years, and I think we both knew we could do more together, so it was a natural fit. When I got to know United Real Estate CEO Dan Duffy and President Rick Haase, I knew a merger of our companies would create something we could all be proud of.

What role did your parent company, United Real Estate, play in facilitating your merger and transition to a single brand in your market?

DS: Tim and I knew what we wanted our deal to look like, and our partners at United have a ton of experience with such deals. They’ve done hundreds of them. With their help, we got the terms worked out and the deal done.

TK: It was the people at United that convinced me and Chelsea to do the deal. Dan and Rick were always available and incredibly supportive. The transition team went above and beyond to answer our questions and quell our fears. We knew the merger would be beneficial for everyone involved.


How have your shared leadership, resources and synergies become a competitive advantage in your market?

TK: We’re now No. 3 out of nearly 500 brokerages in our marketplace; and now we have the support of the sixth-largest real estate company in the country. We know how to lead and motivate people, how to build teams, how to grow businesses at home and into other markets, etc. That sets us apart as brokerage owners in this market.


DS: As we grow Leading Edge, we’re looking for people and brokerages that can bring more to the table for our agents. Tim and his team brought expertise in areas where we were struggling, such as video production and marketing. We now have more systems to provide agents with an extremely effective productivity platform. Our staff also makes a huge impact. We have experienced hands-on brokers and personnel in place to help our agents implement all of the tools, training and technology that United provides. It’s a combination that’s hard to match.

How does being part of the sixth-largest national brokerage, United Real Estate, enhance your value proposition and business operations?

DS: I spoke earlier of the tools, technology and training United brings to the table. There’s no way a small independent brokerage can afford all that. We still operate as a small independent but have the services of a Top 10 national brokerage. The United team keeps adding to our toolbox.

Where do you envision Leading Edge in five years?

DS: With some of the future mergers and acquisitions we’re working on, plus our organic growth, I think we’ll soon be in the Top 10 brokerages in Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee.

TK: Our focus is on recruiting, retention and growth in current and new markets. Within five years, I predict that we’ll have offices and agents throughout the state of Alabama.

What advice would you give to brokerage owners looking for growth opportunities?

DS: Decide where you want to go and then break it down into smaller pieces. Set monthly and yearly goals, and analyze them along the way. In real estate, your competition (other REALTORS®) can be viewed as your allies. Work on these connections every chance you get. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to find common ground that can lead to growth within your company.

TK: Analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Then create a plan to build on the positives and overcome the negatives. If the plan is too much for you to handle alone or with your current assets, look for those who can help you make it a reality.

For more information, please visit www.GrowWithUnited.com.

-Michael Catarevas

Helping to bring Leading Edge together with Tim’s company is part of the vision of what we do to fulfill our mission at United – improving the financial trajectory of our Brokers’ and Agents’ careers and lives. Danny, Tim, Charlene, Chelsea and their teams are much better to grow and prosper than they were before. We are thrilled that these fine operators and people are now part of our national network.

-Rick Haase, President

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